a preparation with the ability to prolong life indefinitely

Sharing our stories with one another is a pillar of humanity. It is what makes us moral beings. Through communicating stories of wisdom and cautionary tales we are contributing to one another’s lives. At The Elixir Fix you will find a community of women who write to you with kindness and without judgement. We share our stories in the hope that some will resonate with you and guide you towards your truth.

The Elixir Fix acknowledges that women are multi-faceted and are interested in many different areas. We aspire to tell stories by women who have many different backgrounds and experiences.

Hannah will share her experience and the answers to her infinite wellness questions as she explores what’s going on beneath the hype. This will include everything from alternative methods of healing to addiction and mental health. She will also write about what she’s learned from her experiences and how they’ve changed her perspective and priorities. But this ain’t no health blog, this is a place for healing (riots not diets!)

Beyond wellness we will also discuss other topics that we collectively care about or are areas where we simply want to know more!

Such as:

  • Sustainable style that you’ll want to wear
  • Supporting emerging artists and sharing their work and culture
  • Astrology (lessons from the galaxy)
  • Encouraging adventurousness, getting outside of your comfort zone and travel
  • A non-judgemental respect for the environment and each other
  • Feminism and friendship
  • And other big conversations that need to be had

While The Elixir Fix is Hannah’s baby there will be other passionate and inspiring women sharing their experiences and views (on everything from what it’s like to be a modern day vegan and how it feels to change industries before you’re 30). Hannah will of course still be writing about things like How To Come off Like You Don’t Give a Fuck While Actually Giving a Massive Fuck About Your Personal Wellbeing.

Reading The Elixir Fix will feel like talking with trust worthy friends; it will get you thinking, there will be no bullshit and a fuck load of feel-good.

Happiness is the new rich.
Inner peace is the new success.
Health is the new wealth.
Kindness is the new cool.



I grew up in Surrey, England and then lived in London where I worked for a reputable fashion PR agency before moving to Australia.

I’ve always lived life in the fast lane. My job in Fashion PR exposed me to some exciting and outrageous experiences and parties but then so has my personal life. Some people need encouragement to say “Yes” to things, but I’ve had to learn how to say “No”. I was constantly committing to too much and burning the candle at both ends.

In October 2016 the repercussions of this fast paced lifestyle began to take its toll. By March I fainted for the fourth time in six months and suddenly was no longer able to work. My body had finally given in. My doctor said, in no uncertain terms, I had burnt out.

Read about my diagnosis and lifestyle change in more depth HERE.

As such, I’ve been forced to take my health more seriously.

Amongst my friends I used to be lovingly teased for my obsession with beer and pizza; I’ve never been a yoga-loving, juice drinking instagram-babe. I was always the last one out whose next morning consisted of having to delete half her snapchat and relying on Dominos having her account details set up because of a lost wallet. So this is all very new to me!

Leaving the fashion industry was also hard to swallow (along with the 25+ supplements I now take on the daily) but everything has fallen into place. Hold on to your hats, gal pals, but it appears that everything does happen for a reason. I am now studying my Masters degree in Art, while working freelance and running this site! Honestly, I’m living the life of my dreams and all of this is only possible now that my physical, emotional and mental health have become a priority.

Photographs by Wes Nel

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