Hannah asks The Elixir Fix’s contributors and interviewees the same six questions so we can get to know these inspiring women a little better!


How often do you practice self-love (daily/weekly?) and what is your go to act of self-love?

My two go-to acts of self love are simply eating non-processed foods and exercising  erry day fashooooo. I also try and start my day off looking in the mirror and telling myself how good I am right when I wake up. I don’t always remember to do this but mental pep talks are good – they shut up my harsh internal coach and bring to light my more favored internal friend – I try to remember as often as i can to just be my own very chilled out best friend — especially when faced with adversity.

What is the guilty pleasure you most enjoy indulging in?

 Hmmmm…Probably youtube rap music video binges.


Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why is it so special to you?

Miami is pretty special to me at this point because of the art basel festivities. The first time I went there, I drove a box truck in 3 days (its a 3,500 mile drive) and helped with a large sand install for a large man. The second time I went, I went with another  good friend of mine who’s an artist & designer and we drove all our art, and the work of about 5 other girls to have an all female show called Goddessphere that the council of Miami really was not in favor of. Then I plan on going back hopefully next year to show and sell my own work. I also love the  level of human peacocking that takes place during basel, all the glitz, glamour, fancy whips and  high fashion – it’s a nice match to the well-known crime and seediness that goes on there.

How do you like to let your creative juices flow?

Mann, I don’t like to let them, they just seem to  stay flowing I don’t seem to have much  choice anymore.  I set them free however I can in that moment: dance, fashion design, photography, animation, drawing, sculpting, even telling a joke;  everything is creative juice. I would say moving my body gets me going as well as listening to  is a massively important part of the creative motivation process – Frank Ocean,Rhianna, Erykah Badu and Drake in particular..their words & beats help me feel worthy and stoked. I’ve got mad performance anxiety but an equally mad desire for attention through performance so doing things that scare  me  (most things) also keeps the channels free and open

 What piece of advice would you give your 14-year-old self?

Don’t do so many drugs/booze and focus more on your athletics, girl.

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

I’ve got a reeeeal long list of achievements to meet in the next 5 years nooo doubt but don’t want to publish them. Just know that if I stay going to bed at a reasonable hour, they’ll all come true 😉 

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Photographs by Hannah Rankine

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