My mother got my astrology birth chart done for me when I was a few months old, so it’s always been engrained in me that the planets and the stars had influence over my own energies. If the moon pulls the tides, why shouldn’t it also pull on different aspects of me?

Astrology gets a lot of negative speculation, which is fine, there’s no proof in the signs. But there are hints, guides, and sometimes answers in them. There are ways we can take lessons from astrology, just like anything else, to try and make sense of the chaos around us and within us. We can learn to set goals based on the sign the moon is in, and learn to channel different aspects of ourselves at those times. We cannot blame the stars and we must always accept responsibility for our actions. But wisdom is wisdom, and if we can learn from anything, it’s the universe.

Semi-recently, Han asked if I wanted to set my intentions for the new moon in Leo together. This is my moon sign, so this was a prime time to do some self-reflection and really power up those aspects of myself. I wrote that I wanted to really pull out my childlike playfulness and apply it to my job which can sometimes seem monotonous. I decided I wanted to restore pride back into my work and channel my creative energies back into my goals. I also started off the week by owning up to any negativity I was putting out into my environments.

By starting my week off with these reformed attitudes and ideals of what I wanted to achieve, I became a better version of myself at work and at home. Astrology guided me towards joyousness and playfulness but I allowed myself to become that person by tapping into those parts of me that were already there. Astrology did not create that in me, but the energetic lessons of Leo reminded me that I have that potential within myself. I have some of those Leo traits that influence me into being radiant (tooting my own horn here), fierce, creative, and full of self-love. By setting new moon intentions, I reminded myself that I have the universe within myself. I just need to remember to look into the universe to see inside of myself.

And then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you and in this way pass from feeling to meaning

Being in tune with astrology also has made me feel like there is a link between the individual and the dark vastness of our solar system. It has made me feel that we are connected and that there is meaning in ourselves and in the universe and that astrology can bridge the distance felt between ourselves and the otherness of everything else. There is an art piece in the gallery of New South Wales in Sydney that says “and then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you and in this way pass from feeling to meaning”. These words reminded me of the importance astrology has to me, the way that it can make me feel like the moon and the sun and the planets and little me all have something simultaneous and beautiful going on. That my world is full of potential, power, magnificence, and wonder.


For some personal context, here’s an explanation of my signs and what the three basic chart aspects are:

Sun signs are how you see yourself, your values, the world, who you want to become. My sun is in Pisces which often presents itself as empathic, emotional, intuitive, artistic, overly trusting, and fearful.

Moon signs are your raw, uninhibited emotions, instinct, and the person you already are and act like. My moon sign is in Leo. Leo moons show themselves through inclinations toward the dramatic, creativity, romance, confidence, resistance to routine, and a love of attention.

The rising sign is the person you present to the world but also the person you’re becoming. The version of yourself that you are ‘ascending’ to and growing into. My rising sign is in Taurus which value stability, moral values, comfort, all the good that life has got to offer, and routine.

As you can probably tell, there is a whole lot of contradiction in these aspects… but they work together to create the strong-willed, social justice seeking, love bomb that is Elly!

If you’d like to find out your chart I use


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Words by Elly Monk
Photography by Hannah Rankine

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