I pride myself on being the proactive adventurous one in my friendship group but it wasn’t my idea to go on the day trip up to the Blue Mountains. That being said I still got given the responsibility to plan the itinerary! I asked around and did some reading online and had the outlines of a plan before we set off.

After missing the train we intended to get, because someone overslept, we gorged on coffee and smokes outside the station before embarking on the two hour journey from Central. A few card games later, a little snooze and having gobbled the majority of my snacks we arrived at Leura.

Here we had brekkie overlooking a valley. Then we walked in the direction of a good view, making up our route each time we came across a road sign. Eventually we committed to the Leura Cascades. This walk included some high up view points, lots of stairs, waterfalls, walking alongside streams, incredible forestation and a fair distance (watch the video above to see what I’m talking about). The adventure was the first attempt of physical strenuousness since I had fallen ill in March (read about my health dramas here). Having previously not been able to walk and then having to use a walking stick, it was pretty euphoric escaping the city and being amongst nature and using my now able legs. I was slow, much slower than the boys, but they kindly encouraged me and celebrated my physical progress which gave me the motivation to get back to the top again!

I carried my bloody nutritional vegan meals on my back, which probably didn’t help my speed, because if I get tired I can refuel with good food for some more energy. Plus saves money, plus asking for vegan food in the country… Anyway, after a quick feed we got a taxi to Scenic World in Katoomba. My friend who had originally given me tips for the trip had said not to go to Katoomba. We should’ve listened. The cable carts were all underwhelming. Nature in it’s original glory was much more spectacular.

There’s heaps more to do out there and I’ll definitely go back in the summer. It’s so cheap to get there and back on the train, even if it is 2 hours each way. All three of us fell asleep on the journey home, and man oh man, I slept well that night.

It was a huge celebration and triumph of me winning against my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Plus Australia is fucking enormous; there is so much to see without even going overseas. I’m on a mission to keep exploring the country as well as travelling the rest of the world.

Send Aussie tips!

Photographs and video by me

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